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Security Tips

Residential Security House
  • Use quality vertical deadbolt locks on all entrances, including service doors.
  • Don't leave keys "hidden" outside of your home.
  • Keep doors locked even when you or family are at home.
  • Install motion sensor lights or keep outside lights on in the evening hours.
  • Dogs are very sensitive to sound and make great natural alarm systems.
  • Install locks on your fuse boxes or power panel and other external power sources.
  • If you have bars on your windows, review fire safety and escape routes with your family.
  • If you have security alarms, test regularly and use them.
  • Keep at least one fire extinguisher on each floor, in addition to one in the kitchen.
  • Regularly check smoke detectors and replace batteries.
  • Vary daily routines and avoid predictable behavior patterns.
  • Never answer your door to an uninvited person. If you don't know them or are not expecting someone, do not answer your door. Or speaking through a locked door, ask them to display their ID and then call their company for verification.
  • Always be aware if you see strange vehicles or individuals in your neighborhood. Contact proper authorities.
  • Know where your family members are at all times.

Security for Children

  • Teach your children to never answer or open the door to strangers.
  • Post local emergency numbers in your kitchen so that children have access to them. Teach children how to dial 911.
  • Children, even young ones, should know their name, address, and phone number. Fingerprint your children at a community police event.
  • Caution teenagers about "blind dates" or meeting someone they do not know. Monitor your children's internet and cell phone usage constantly.
  • Let children know they should not give out personal information, such as home address, absence of adults, etc. over the phone or on the internet.
  • Teach children to say no to strangers or even people they know if they are uncomfortable with the situation and to inform you of their feelings.
  • Teach children how to get out of the house quickly and where to go in case of emergency.
  • Inform children to never enter your home if something seems out of place.......window glass broken, door lock inoperable, entry way in a disarray....these could be signs that someone has broken into your house and may be present.
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