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Although Lynette Revill says private-detective work bears little resemblance to what's portrayed on film, she can lay claim to being one of the original, real-life Charlie's Angel's.

Not only is she the daughter of a man named Charlie, but when the TV show originally aired, a wealthy Dallas rancher was bent on copying the series. He hired Lynette and 2 other female investigators, including a "Bosley". 

"It sounds glamorous, but detective work is just that: work," said Lynette, a professional private investigator who has been licensed since 1981. "For example, I've never parachuted out of a plane and landed into a waiting speed boat."

Lynette conducts intense employee background checks, individual profiles, financial investigations, missing person searches, business intelligence investigations and more.

She is a board member of several state and national private investigator associations. A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in law enforcement and corrections, she prides herself on her honesty, professionalism and discretion.

"Discretion is of the utmost importance when you're dealing with clients who don't want their business broadcast", she said.

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